Once upon a web site....

There was an Internet Storytelling Resource Center. 
Whether people called it storytelling, story telling or story-telling the answers to questions on the topic could be found there. the center included lists of internet storytelling communities, storytelling organizations, and helpful websites.  It also had a storytelling bookstore.  No Storytelling center would be complete without stories.  This one included many stories created or adapted by children's storyteller, The Storybook Lady.  She also listed other favorite holiday stories and where to find them,  as well as some helpful hints for storytellers.  People visited her web site and then they told stories 
                                    ......happily ever after.


Storytelling Books

Are you looking for a book about the art of storytelling 
or a book by one of your favorite storytellers?
Would you like to buy a picture book or a folktale collection?
Order it instantly from The Story-Telling Book Store in association with Amazon books.


The Storybook Lady

The Storybook Lady is a professional storyteller specializing in folktales for all ages and classical children's stories.  She uses storytelling both in entertainment and educational venues. View the brochure to learn more about  how storytelling can help you.


Holiday Stories

This site includes folktales adapted by The Storybook Lady, as well as some of her favorite literary holiday classics.  It also includes reading lists and WWW links lists for other holiday stories available on the internet.

We are always adding seasonal stories for upcoming holidays throughout the year.  Will you be telling a story at your next holiday gathering? Browse through the Holiday Stories  library to find the perfect story.  If you have a story to add let us know.


Storytelling Resources is always in the progress of collecting new storytelling sites.  Current lists include Storytelling Associations and Organizations, Internet Storytelling Communities and Storytelling Resources Web Sites including links to storytellers and good stories.