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Storytelling Books

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Online Storytelling Organizations

Check out our site's separate page listing  the various storytelling organizations with websites.

Internet Storytelling Communities

This page provides detailed information about the popular storytelling mail lists and newsgroups that provide interactive discussion on storytelling and related topics.


Storyteller's Resources

Storytelling Resources  
by storyteller Tim Sheppard  of Lilliput Press
This page links to his excellent pages of resource information:

Storytelling FAQ

This official Storytelling FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions) contains advice, resources, and information about storytelling. It contains excellent advice for the new storyteller as well as a comprehensive listing of resources for the more experienced teller.  It is frequently posted on the Storytell list and on the alt.arts.storytelling newsgroup and contains detailed information about these internet storytelling communities. 

Booklists for Storytellers

This list currently contains about 70 titles of general interest to storytellers.   Each title is annotated with comments, often from several different tellers.



storyteller portraitAaron Shepard's Storytelling Page
Tales & Tips on How to Tell a Story

This page links to some of his own stories as well as resources that he has authored and compiled.  They include an online guide to storytelling,articles of interest to storytellers and a recommended reading list.

This site offers such features as Story of the Week and the Village Post, where people can contribute thoughts and writings, the ability to search for storytellers and events, plus games, articles, and free Storyteller's Web pages. 



Storyteller Searches


National Storytelling
Membership Association

Storynet is the online presence for the newly reorganized National Storytelling Membership Association.
One highlight of this web site is the National Storytelling Directory.  This is a directory that charges storytellers to be included, but it is probably the most inclusive, searchable index you will find.  If you need to find a storyteller for your event, this is an excellent starting point.

 Check the full description on the Storytelling Organizations page for further information about this website.

One of this site's features includws a search engine of its database of free storyteller's web pages.  You can use keywords to find local or regional storytellers in your area. 


Story Lover Resources



Storytelling Ring

The Storytelling is a member of  The Storytelling Ring. This web ring allows you to visit many other sites on the Internet that are dedicated to the art of storytelling. Each is connected to the others in a circle, allowing you to go from one to the other and finally back to the first by simply pressing the next button on each site.  There are now over 100 different storytelling sites on The Storytelling Ring. To begin your tour simply press one of the links below.
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Ethnic Stories & Storytellers


Country Grapevine Storytelling Links

 A short list of self-submitted links of interest to those who love all things related to country


Native American Storytellers

This site is an index of Native American storytellers and authors online. The main focus of the site is to make the writing of modern Native American authors, particularly the poets, both more visible and more available. Of particular use and interest to the storyteller is the links list web page Native American Traditional Storytelling. The site also includes a list of links to  related sites  regarding Native American Literature.

The Story Continues...(Other Links)

Once upon a web page, a storytelling site was created. But like a yarn spinner telling tall tales, a web-spinner begins with a few small threads and continues on. Most of the links lists are  under continuous revision and other lists are being added.

This story continues, so please return for further chapters.

Thank you for your patience.



All sites on this page have been personally reviewed by the Storybook Lady.   
If you know of a site which should be added, please contact us with the hyperlink  and a short summery.

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